Friday, August 11

Vintage Children's Books (from the "Bounty!")

Dear Margaret,
I am forever indebted to you for you have tripled my vintage childrens book collection and added much better books than I've had the luck to find at thrift stores! Each one has somethings I can use in most everything I make! Pin badges, collages, brooches, plaques!
I'm in love most with Sugar Bear! The ones you specially marked off with ribbon that have Little Red Riding Hood imagery! And so many of them that have deer...drinking at a pond, frollicking in the grass, lost in the forest...all so lovely! I'll be posting more illustration photos in my flickr photostream soon! I'm a very lucky girl! Thank you forever.

Nolan and Louis (from Louisville!)

From the "Bounty!", originally uploaded by icklebird.

The Prettyville Pet Parade has come to Las Vegas today! A dream of partyhats and sweet happy melodies bubbles forever in my heart now that this duet has found me! I am in love. You will see them again in my pin badges and stationary! Margaret, Margaret, Margaret! My lovely cousin has put together a special "inspiration box" just for me! I'll be blogging more photos as they come!

Sunday, August 6

Ting and Ling and the Birthday Surprise

Oh what a handful these two twin kittens are! Brothers Ting and Ling have snuck away from the birthday party and are very curious about this giant squishy, sweet smelling cake! It's quite enormous on that thin stemmed cake stand you can just imagine the slightest shift of weight and it will come tumbling down! Well, maybe that's Ting's plan so that Ling can have some...he's having a hard time hopping up top!

I've got more of this Happy Birthday paper so I wonder what little animals will be causing trouble next!?!

This is for sale at Prettyville!

I like the look of these little blocks of wood all dressed up and coated in resin so there is sure to be more on the way!


Saturday, August 5

From Pthalo Blue! There's so much more not even shown!

There ARE generous people in this world and it's amazing how many I've met on flickr! Pthalo Blue sent this lot of amazing goodies in exchange for the sumo cups and I felt like a little kid opening a super duper baby can cry pee and walk doll on Christmas morning! Except there was a lot more to look at and open! I think it's so amazing-right when I think I've seen all the most beautiful things in the world I get a package in the mail like this that feeds my mind with fresh images and fabrics and possibilities! I love swapping for craft goodies! There is so much potential in that one package. Thank you endlessly, Pthalo Blue!

Wednesday, August 2

My Online Garage Sale: Vintage Dutch Print Apron

This sweet dutch print apron has found a new home! Although it has several small drips of blue ink and a small fade all on the left windmill area-they wouldn't be noticeable from a distance if it were hung on display! It's cute! It went for a steal of a price! I'm also going to be making a pin badge set of the dutch boy and girl soon!! So if you didn't get to be the lucky person to bring this apron home you could still get a bit of that dutch cuteness once they're turned into pin badges!!