Monday, June 16

Summer Crafting Spree

I think this needs to be turned into a t-shirt gocco! Let's see if I get around to it amid the forty or more projects I've started since summer vacation began almost two weeks ago. I find myself starting a dozen new projects before finishing any one of the endless ideas I've started. I'm not short on ideas-just short on focus! Ultimately, I do usually come back around to finishing earlier projects but not always in the same summer...or decade for that matter! Current state of crafting affairs: gocco sketches to be printed, a series of bottle drawings and collages need backgrounds, glass pendants need backing paper, pin badges to reproduce and new ones to print up and make, a pile of new brooches underway, need pile of new woven flowers, found my scrabble tiles for pendants and my upholstery buttons for embroidered brooches, just glued more images to glass for new brooches, printing off new deer stationary sets, I think I'm creating this list right now just to divert myself from having to focus...I'd better get to it!