Friday, November 25

My First Solo Show! Thank you Blackbird Studios!

I had a great time and am ever so thankful for the support of those at Blackbird Studios for gettng my work out of my house and into the world!! Great things are starting to happen for me now: I've made lots of great new acquaintances and real friendships, I am shipping a series of three pieces painted for this show to a gallery in Louisville, KY to let them have a go at selling them, I have a few bites on some of the butterflies, I've got two custom orders for plate sculptures, I'm selling at West Elm, First Friday, entering into group art shows, and working on a proposal for the Contemporary Arts Center window installation project!! Weeeeeeee! I will post pictures from the show soon!

Friday, June 18

Wednesday, June 16

YAY! Sculpted Dinnerware featured on Etsy's Front Page!

Saturday, April 10

New Group of Gal Silhouette Sculptures

Hello, Girls! I just posted a team of gals on my etsy shop!

Blogged on ReadyMade!! WeeeYaaaayWoooo!

I'm walking on air with gratitude that others find what I enjoy making most in the world beautiful! I'm so thankful for this blog and Polly Conway's thoughtful support in spreading the word of my new work!

Thanks to everyone's encouraging feedback I'm inspired to keep designing more and more sculptures!

Today I started making a few whale pendants from the plate remnants to add to my shop as well!

Saturday, April 3

Hand Cut Crockery Now for Sale on ETSY!!!

YAY!! I just posted two hand cut crockery sculptures on my Etsy shop! Hope they get noticed...somehow!!

Recent Collages: The Apothecary of Virtue

I've got about twenty of these potions to whip up still! These ones are just about done-I love the old apothecaries full of potions and salves that are cure-alls! I was inspired to do this series by a trip to a "pharmacy" in Italy when I had food poisoning searching for a sure fix to the ailments I endured. Then when in Taiwan I made a point to peruse every apothecary shop I could find! I loved studying the jars of slimy organisms and brittle barks.

Friday, April 2

Hand Cut Crockery The Squirrel Gets His Meal!

 I love the wavy lines on the trim of this saucer! This little squirrel just scored the biggest acorn in town and has perched himself way up high to keep it all to himself!!

Thursday, April 1

Shadow Box (Knick Knack Rack...really)

Yay! I think this marks the start of a parade of altered shadow boxes -I've got a few just found at thrift stores waiting to be brightened up with some paint and patterned papers! This one was to welcome baby Luchien!! Hope it's well received!