Friday, June 30

The Misadventures of the Swap-O-Rama

I dove into the coloriffic swap-o-rama with full steam signing up (well attempting to sign up and arranging on the sly to partner up with another, like myself, that was too late to sign up for one of them) for both the US and the International June swaps.

Once it was official I lay in bed at night searching my memory and my imagination for anything that might suit the color schemes. I thought the Blue and Chocolate would really be a piece of cake because I love the combination so but, to my dismay, the only things I could find were way out of my price range, sorry, partner! I loved being on the hunt and, though I don't think my husband realized it, I was constantly searching shelves at any shop we went to for swap surprises.

I have to admit, there's a guilt factor involved in the swap that I wasn't prepared for--I spent money that I wouldn't even spend on myself normally-I support both my daughter and my husband (he's a lovely stay-at-home daddy and I'm sure I'll talk more about that fact of my life as time allows) I had a great time though and hope I found a balance between fancies and thrifts.

The Black and White swap had tested me further-I simply don't like the colors alone, but luckily came across the most pulse-raising sale imaginable at Urban Outfitters in the Mandalay Bay. We bought a pile of bed covers and blankets marked from $32 to $58 down to $3! Who cares what colors and patterns--I took one of each! For the swap I gathered up anything b+w on the sale shelves-a frame marked $16 down to $ get the idea- We were in a frenzy gathering up anything pretty for our humble home and I wasn't so sure my husband knew it at the time but anything I snuck into the pile that was black and white was going to be shipped out the following day!

The Ugly Deerling

When I have to ask myself, "Is this UGLY?" everytime I make something I don't know if this is a natural self-critique or if I should be getting the message through to my detached head in the clouds! My husband suggests I find a gal pal here in Vegas (I'm NOT a loser I swear! But, I haven't met a single kindred spirit since moving here four long years ago!) to help me with my aesthetics. He claims to have no eye for these types of things I make--I suspect he is saving my delicate ego from permanent scarring. I just produced this photo holder and presented it to him for a response--maybe I should have waited until he'd completely emerged from the fog of sleep because he reacted uabashedly disdainful--he gaffawed is more like it! He did say he liked the deer and I appreciate that because I think I might go in the direction of embroidered applique brooches soon, but that the whole spray of wire and the photo holder I attached it to was not working. So, with all that said and with respect to my husband's suggestion to seek advice in the outside world, I will turn to you, my "gal pals," and ask for your feedback. That is, when I start to have viewers ! heee hee! For now, I will chat with myself and perhaps find some resolution to my first and constant question, "Is this UGLY?!"

Wednesday, June 28

Deer in the Wood

It seems deer are finding their way into everything I make and I'm not going to resist such a sweet and innocent creature from taking over! This deerly pin is part of a deer themed notecard, this pretty bag is a gift from my good friend, Kelse, who said she just thought of me when she saw it and please someone do the math for me because I want this little deer designed by Shinzi Katoh. There are so many beautiful designs here of little girls chatting away with their bears and lollipop trees and hopping bunny rabbits but why oh why do they have to cover up the beautiful designs with the "SOLD OUT" icon! They need a gallery for people like me looking for inspiration!

Friday, June 16

Summer Begins

So happy to get started. Everything is coming together now that summer has begun. I have time off now to focus on me and my family. And so begins this blog! Welcome!