Sunday, July 30

Religious Kitsch Brooches

Religious Kitsch Brooches, originally uploaded by icklebird.

When I told my husband that these are loaded in gawdiness and who knows if anyone would buy them he said this very important point: "what religious souvenirs have you seen that you've looked at and said, "oh that's absolutely beautiful"-religious souvenirs are MEANT to be gawdy and tacky!" So hopefully I've hit the nail on the head with these! I'm going to post them for sale on etsy over the next few days! I do apologize but I don't know the names of the Saints and would love for someone to come along a tag the ones they can identify so I can give them accurate titles. I have to send you to beebalalou's flickr photostream and etsy shop to see where I got my inspiration from--all this kitsch needed to turn into brooches! I was trying to stick them on yarn flowers and felt with sequins but I had a little help looking at beebalalou's amazing creations--you HAVE to see her stuff--she has a bounty of FLOCKED ANIMALS!! and plastic swans! Oh what beauty.

Friday, July 28

Bird On a Wire Photo Tree

Bird On a Wire Photo Holder, originally uploaded by icklebird.

I'm making a series of these little photo holders with birdies--they look so cute with little birdies perched on their "branches" you might just leave them there.

The wood base is covered in brown felt and the front is embellished with an embroidered banner that reads "Birdie". The bird itself is perched atop a branch and decoupaged onto a baby blue wooden medallion then glazed with a clear resin. The birdie medallion is framed by a double ring of baby blue and brown overlapping rickrack to make it extra sweet and delicate looking.

This picture doesn't do it justice--it's terribly cute! This one has already found a new home! But please check out Prettyville, my etsy shop at: to see if I've posted the other two that are on their way!

Thanks for stopping by!

My Online Garage Sale: Vintage Apron

What a glamorous thing a vintage apron can be to spruce up any domestic queen and just might inspire you do do some cleaning around the house. Feel so sexy in this vintage print perfect for the holiday season with it's bright red and green color scheme. Teeny red pocket and beautiful matching ties. Perfect condition. Posted for sale and sold! This apron has found a new home but I will be posting a few more over the next few weeks in my etsy shop at:

Thursday, July 27

Birdies in the Sky Drawing on Wood

Some birdies just make you feel like you've got a friend for life when they swoop down for a visit. These birdies has found a new home but I'll be posting very similar birdie drawing for sale at my etsy shop!--

I've made a few of these drawings on wood all very similar but different sizes. I spent a lot of time filling in the sky with a metallic blue colored pencil and it left the wood surface with a super sheen when the light hits it. Each bird is heavily outlined in black ink making them look more cartoony and I've added this scalloped border to finish it off--makes me feel like I'm peeping into a picture show machine at a carnival-do you know what I'm talking about?--the ones that are ancient and you're really not too sure if you should be putting your skin up to those greasy goggles but when you do peer through and you've paid your quarter you are delighted to see odd little things dancing about.

"My Deer Friend" Collage on Wood

Somewhere in the forest is a celebration with white bouquets, streaming ribbons, and doves flitting in and out of the trees. This is where Verla safely rests her tired legs as she's been searching for her way back home and is greeted by Silvia, a gleaming white dove, perched on a tree branch.

Verla is cut from a brown vintage fabric and has layered felt eyes. She is layered atop a backdrop of vintage wedding paper and mounted onto a block of pine then coated with a glear glossy glaze. The edges and back of the block are painted green. Silvia is a teeny plastic dove with her wings spread wide affixed to the top of the block. The block can be hung or will stand upright for display! Verla and Silvia have found a new home! But check my etsy shop: to find a few more just like them over the next few weeks. Thanks for stopping by!

My Online Garage Sale: Altered States

Incredible book about how artists have altered their state of mind to access their subconcious from sleep depravation to androgyny to sex and drugs. This book is in great condition and has page after page of artist info and color illustration. Looking for $6 total including shipping (Not sure what shipping will cost) Let me know if you live out of the US and I'll check on postage. Just email me with your interest and I'll send you and invoice and mail it into your curious little hands! Awesome for the art history buff and those looking for info that you don't usually learn in your textbooks.

Wednesday, July 26


Loretta and I started to talk about doing a swap because I love her brooches and she loves mine! I am thrilled that we added a couple souvenirs in our packages because I got the kitschiest card from Valencia! You can't see it, but there's actually a goose's head peeking under her fabric skirt! And on top of it all she added handmade barettes and the sweetest little pocket pouch for my "little things!" The folded up white lace like fabric is the sweetest, most elegant curtain with giraffes on the plain--In vegas the wondow are covered in wooden shutters inside, but, I'm going to save it for when we move and get the chance to hang it--it will be lovely with light shining through. My husband knew right away what that yellow pin was from--1982 World Cup held in Spain-he rambled that off like it was common knowledge! Thank you so much Loretta! I look forward to our Christmas swap-I warn you I get VERY kitsch driven during the holidays!

My Online Garage Sale: Tropical Vacation Handbag

This purse has a Made in Italy tag on the inside and looks like it was assembled from one long bamboo mat printed with tropical leaves, fruit, and flowers. It's in very good condition and looking for a new home! It lays flat and has no handle. Has clean creamy white fabric lining, zippered pocket inside and snap closure. Yours for $2.50 plus $2 shipping in the US-$3 international.

If you're interested let me know and I'll send you a Paypal invoice and ship it straight away!

Monday, July 24

Furry Squirrel I Squish You!

my joy my love my squirrel

We took an outing "to see the ducks" this morning. She's so giddy in this picture running straight into a flock of ducks. She puts on a cheeky grin as soon as the sunglasses go on. I think she sees them as a way to be more grownup or maybe she just knows it's easier on the eyes in this summer sun. I love this picture! She's flying! We had to stop her in her tracks because with these hungry birds you have to plan ahead and bring a bag of bread or cheerios or the duckies and peacocks will mob you!

Sunday, July 23

Pincushion Planters-Get This Bee For Free!

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! I wanted to turn this little bee planter into a pincushion so badly! Now that I look at it I come to realize just how much froof I put into things--it's almost a little creepy!
But, a cute play on the whole association of bees and stinging. So perhaps someone out there will run across this blog and think they might adopt her! She's Free to anyone interested you just pay shipping $3 and let me know so I can send you an invoice through paypal. She's quite cute in person and strange the more I look at her! I don't wish to sell her in my etsy shop because I got a little hot glue on the pincushion and can't get it off--you can see it in the bottom right hand corner of the picture on the right. This was my first pincushion planter here with the momma birdie feeding her young and came from the frustration of losing my sumo pincushion amongst my fabric and felt! I just grabbed a woven yarn flower that I had rejected for brooches and stuffed it into the planter-It is much harder to lose my pincushion now and much cuter to look at!We've got an awesome groups of members now and so many amazing pets that I covet so!

My Online Garage Sale: Sumo Sumo Cups

Sumo Sumo Cups! These handsome little guys could have been yours for $1 plus Shipping or trade! ---But I've found a fabulous new home for them and an awesome crafty trade! So happy to know you, Pthalo Blue! I'll be posting photos of your package soon!

They make excellent pencil holders for your work table! I believe there's a couple more to this sumo series too if you're interested in a set-I got these at the local International market-they don't carry them any more, but, always have neat neat neat ceramic cups with Japanese and Chinese images. It seems to be the new fashion in their dinnerware section to have plates and cups with images of sushi and sumo printed on them. So you'd be so hip to own these ; ) heee hee!

My Online Garage Sale

My husband and I are working on selling off our things as we prepare to move to England over the next two years (we need to save up and sell our house in that time!) So if you see anything that I post as part of My Online Garage Sale that you are interested in please let me know! I will forward you an invoice on the price we agree upon and ship the item out to you as quick as I can!

This platter is for sale in my Prettyville shop for $7.99 plus shipping. It measures 12" across and is in great condition and comes with a plate hanger frame. I've had this for about 10 years and love the asian style painting. It's a Nasco Sayonara platter if you want to research it! Such a pretty serving dish!

Saturday, July 1

Print and Pattern Daily Candy

Another particular that permeates my everyday is a love for pattern. This blog is amazing for finding inspiration in the prettiest most current patterns of our times.